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Elevate Partners is a boutique consultancy firm specialising in delivering Executive Search, Executive Learning and Keynote Speakers to a diverse range of clients in the Financial Services Sector.

At Elevate we pride ourselves on our unique company culture. We are diligent, pragmatic and committed to building long term strategic partnerships with both clients and candidates. We take time to understand our candidates career goals, so we can coach and mentor them through the recruitment process to fulfil their potential and elevate their career to the next level whilst enhancing your company achievements and strategic targets.

We are delighted to partner with a cutting edge speaker agency with a global foot print. Through this partnership we now not only recruit first class executives for you, we continue to advise you and them through our Executive Learning, Boardroom Advisory and Keynote Speaker expertise. These are provided through a diverse and unique group of innovators, futurists, political leaders, economic forecasters, multi-national chairmen, digital cyber experts and educational thought leaders.

What We Do

Through our local presence and established global network, Elevate Partners offers tailored Recruitment and Executive Search solutions to leading local and international companies. We specialise in finding the best talent for our clients across financial services including sectors such as:

  • Insurance & Reinsurance
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Hedge Funds
  • Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Real Estate
  • Risk
  • Professional Services
  • Corporate Finance
  • Finance
  • Energy & Infrastructure
  • Private Equity
  • Funds
  • Industry

Panel Of Experts

A cross section of sector specific professionals who are exclusively available to Elevate Partners for candidate screening purposes. Our Panel of Experts, are industry veterans, all with vast hiring experience at senior levels throughout their careers, and whose keen eye for talent has enabled them to build successful corporate teams and companies. Their input will form part of the screening process for short listed candidates.

In - House Research

We have a dedicated in-house research team with a rigorous candidate identification process. This enables us to identify, map and interact with our client’s desired candidate pool.

Why Elevate Partners

We are a unique blend of global and local. While our search is conducted both locally and globally, we are acutely aware that candidates must understand not just the corporate culture they are joining but the team/departmental culture they are about to become immersed in. Our international recruitment capabilities ensure our clients have access to the best candidates available. Globally sourced, comprehensively profiled, locally briefed & shortlisted candidates presented by Elevate Partners are comprehensively prepared for our client’s interview and selection. This holistic approach to recruitment sets us apart and ensures the longevity of the candidate’s placement and their long-term contribution to the company they join.

Why We Are Different

  • Our team, directly responsible for managing assignments, has 40 years+ experience in local and
    international recruitment
  • Our Panel of Experts will provide added value to clients and candidates through their personal
    experience of working in C-Suite positions.

Elevate Partners understands that seasoned senior executives are attracted not just to the role on offer but also the company culture. Top quality executives are hard to come by and those that are open to new challenges need to know that the company culture is the right fit. An investment in Elevate Partners is an investment in the long term success of your company. A candidate sourced by us assimilates quickly and becomes a long term vital asset to your organisation.

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